Salon Utopia is home to some of the best hairstylists and top makeup artists that the Surf Coast, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula has to offer.

Whether it is going from brunette to blonde, a trim or restyle, or a makeup transformation, we have you covered at our Ocean Grove hair and makeup salon.


Salon Owner, Senior Stylist, Makeup Artist

Specialities: bridal hair & makeup, creative hairstyling, hair colouring 

Meet Suzanne, the powerhouse of hair and makeup magic! With over a decade at the helm of Salon Utopia, she’s not just a salon owner—she’s a trendsetter, a maestro of style, and a beacon of creativity. Surrounded by her fabulous team, Suzanne’s passion knows no bounds as she crafts stunning looks that leave her clients in awe. From the aisle to the red carpet, she’s the go-to guru for bridal hair and makeup, turning dreams into reality with every brushstroke. With Suzanne, satisfaction isn’t just a goal—it’s a guarantee.


Salon Coordinator

Step into the world of Tamara, our ultimate hostess with the mostest! With her kickass organizational skills and calm collected vibe, she’s the secret ingredient to our salon’s success. Tamara’s presence is like a soothing balm, instantly putting clients at ease and making them feel right at home. Behind her warm and caring nature lies a fierce protector, embracing the role of “mamma bear” to our tight-knit family of stylists. With Tamara by your side, every visit to our salon is not just a service—it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Salon Manager, Senior Stylist, Make-up Artist, Bridal Coordinator

Specialities: hair colourist extraordinaire & go-to girl for all things bridal and makeup

Working her way up from shampoo girl to hairstylist, Brooklyn has a real knack for colouring hair exactly to the client’s specifications. A competent and capable hair artist; Brooklyn can colour, cut and creatively style any type of hair. Invoking old-fashioned good manners and courtesy, Brooklyn will have you charmed the minute you walk in the salon door.

Brooklyn is also our in-salon bridal hair and makeup coordinator, the go-to girl for all things bridal. She will help ensure that your wedding hair and makeup goes exactly according to plan.


Senior Stylist

Specialities: balayage, blondes, vivid colours

Step into the realm of stylist extraordinaire, Marly, where it seems she was born wielding scissors like a seasoned maestro! In the bustling world of our salon, Marly has left an unmistakable imprint with her unparalleled talent as a colour sorceress. From breathtaking blondes to mesmerising ombres and daring, vibrant transformations, there’s no hue she can’t conquer.  Marly is a country girl at heart with a giggle that’s as infectious as her creativity. She turns every salon visit into a delightful adventure, whether she’s wielding her magic wand of scissors or spreading joy with her contagious laughter.


Senior Stylist


Meet Jodie, our esteemed senior stylist extraordinaire! Boasting over two decades of expertise, which includes spearheading a thriving salon in the heart of Melbourne, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the realm of hairdressing. From crafting impeccable cuts to masterfully blending breathtaking colours and orchestrating stylishly elegant up-dos, there’s no challenge she can’t conquer. Yet, beyond her illustrious career, Jodie’s magnetic charm shines through with her infectious sense of humour. With Jodie, it’s not just about leaving with fabulous hair—it’s about leaving infused with her contagious joy, making every client feel not just styled, but truly joyous from within


Senior Stylist

Introducing Ash, our quiet achiever and powerhouse of our salon! Ash’s natural talent for hairdressing is awe-inspiring, particularly when it comes to crafting exquisite blonde shades. Her expertise in the realm of blonde hues is inspiring, as she effortlessly stays ahead of the curve, mastering the latest trends and techniques with finesse. From creamy balayage to vibrant platinum, Ash has a knack for creating stunning blonde transformations that leave her clients feeling like golden goddesses. Despite her quiet demeanour, her skills speak volumes, proving that sometimes, the quietest ones are the ones who shine the brightest. So, whether you’re craving a subtle sun-kissed glow or a bold statement blonde, trust Ash to work her magic and elevate your hair game to new heights of brilliance.


Emerging Stylist

Get ready to meet our resident dynamo, Amelie! With a personality as vibrant as her hair colours, she’s the heartbeat of our salon. From her infectious chatter to her heavenly scalp massages, Amelie brings a whole new level of joy to our team and clients alike. But don’t let her bubbly exterior fool you—she’s a force to be reckoned with in the salon! As a fast learner, she’s quickly rising through the ranks, showcasing her immense talent and potential as a rising star stylist. Watch out world, because Amelie is here to take the hairdressing scene by storm!


Emerging Stylist

Introducing Leanne, a rising star stylist with a flair for the fabulous! With a background in beauty therapy and makeup artistry, she brings a unique blend of skills to the salon floor. Leanne’s knack for learning quickly sets her apart, allowing her to master the art of cutting with elite precision. But it’s her love for the classics that truly sets her aglow—there’s nothing she enjoys more than crafting the perfect perm and set, bringing a touch of vintage glamour to modern-day styling. With Leanne behind the chair, you’re not just getting a haircut, you’re getting an experience steeped in skill, creativity, and timeless elegance.